Unlock a transformative new value delivery and communication channel with your audience.

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Value delivery unleashed

Go beyond transactional loyalty experiences

WalletOS is an industry-first universal loyalty wallet that transforms every reward into a more personal, immersive, shareable, ongoing experience—inspiring greater participation, retention and acquisition.

The Universal Loyalty Wallet

Your powerful new engagement channel

WalletOS unlocks a new, complementary channel for value delivery, engagement and communication. A simple, fully embedded digital hub for customers to earn, unlock, experience and share rewards—WalletOS also provides a direct channel to engage audiences in more inspired, personalized, experiential ways.

Inspired User Experience

Enrich your experience with more smiles, sharing and surprises

Kigo's WalletOS turns every reward into a fun and effortless experience that unlocks vast new possibilities for consumer engagement.

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Seamless digital delivery

Deliver any incentive directly to WalletOS, replacing email inbox clutter with an exciting digital experience.

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Surprise airdrops

Airdrops make it easy to connect with your community in an instant, inspiring ongoing participation by sending immediate and direct value to their devices.

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Shareable rewards

Turn any existing loyalty program into a powerful acquisition and referral program. Through shareable rewards, every incentive is capable of being sent to friends and family, generating a new engagement opportunity.

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Advanced personalization

Airdrops are tailored to individual audience interests, driving excitement and loyalty through incentives, rewards and bonuses that reflect their preferences.

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Boosted rewards

Enhance every incentive with new functionality and added value, sourced from the largest hyper-local and national offers network.

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Fueling engagement innovation

Explore Kigo's complementary products and reimagined loyalty technologies.

Rewards Experience

Deliver more impactful incentives to more people in more inspiring ways—reimagining reward delivery and unlocking an exciting new redemption category.

Offers Experience

Provide immediate value to cardholders and members—igniting engagement, top-of-wallet spend and passive digital advertising revenue streams.