Rewards Experience

Transforming every reward and incentive into more uniquely personalized, dynamic and shareable experiences.

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Incentives & rewards redefined

An elevated delivery system for extraordinary redemption experiences

Kigo leverages blockchain technology and AI to reimagine the delivery of incentives and rewards—creating more impactful experiences for any audience. Our Rewards Experience enhances and differentiates your loyalty and engagement solutions.

Adding limitless possibilities to any loyalty program

Kigo's platform transforms transactional rewards into dynamic experiences

Featuring popular rewards from the brands people already love.

Redemption experience

Seamless & intuitive user journey

The Kigo Rewards Experience makes it easy for your audience to browse interest categories and redeem the rewards of their choice directly to their universal loyalty wallets. Our proprietary digital delivery technology powers dynamic opportunities to help expand your program and drive revenue for your business.

Every interaction is a gateway to new opportunities and connections.

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Browse rewards

Explore the most robust catalog of digital-first rewards in the market—curated, customizable and continuously evolving with thousands of incentives to redeem.

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Redeem points

Redeem points and other loyalty currencies for exciting rewards and tailored experiences—from exclusive events and gift cards to popular merchandise and more.

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Claim in the wallet

Receive, store, share and experience every reward with WalletOS—a new direct engagement and communication channel for brands and program participants.

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Unlock experiences

Generate memorable moments and strengthen your community with meaningful benefits—from offers that can be redeemed at point of sale to tickets that unlock access to exclusive events.

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Share with friends

Turn any existing loyalty program into a powerful acquisition and referral program. Through shareable rewards, every incentive is capable of being sent to friends and family, generating a new engagement opportunity.

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Receive surprise airdrops

Airdrops are tailored to individual audience interests, driving excitement and loyalty through incentives, rewards and bonuses that reflect their preferences.

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Fueling engagement innovation

Explore Kigo's complementary products and reimagined loyalty technologies.


Unlock a new direct channel to reward your audience, enable extraordinary redemption experiences—and gain valuable insights to inform personalization.

Offers Experience

Provide immediate value to cardholders and members—igniting engagement, top-of-wallet spend and passive digital advertising revenue streams.