Offers Experience

Activate consumer engagement through the reimagined delivery of the most expansive, data-driven offers platform in market.

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Expansive offers, immediate value

The most consumer-centric offers experience available today

Born from a history of success in the FI loyalty space, Kigo delivers the most cardholder-centric offers platform in market. With over 500K+ offers driving $22B+ in consumer savings, our industry-first platforms reimagines offer delivery with value, convenience and personalization at the core of every experience.

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Deliver unparalleled value

Offers Experience delivers North America’s most abundant hyper-local and national Entertainment® offers network in a reimagined digital experience to ignite cardholder activation and fuel new revenue growth.


tokenized digital offers


offers alongside card-linked solutions


hyper-local merchants

Deepest discounts fueled by direct, longstanding merchant relationships.

How it Works

Easy, intuitive user experience

Kigo’s Offers Experience makes it easy for any audience to discover and add relevant offers to their integrated, personal offers wallet—fueling new opportunities for personalization, surprises and shareable experiences.

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Browse offers

Find relevant offers faster with an unrivaled selection of curated, customizable and continuously evolving incentives, digital offers and experiences to explore.

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Add to wallet

Receive, store, share and experience every reward directly from a single digital hub. WalletOS is available as a standalone app or embedded directly into an existing user experience.

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Show & save

Store offers and rewards in our convenient loyalty wallet. Enjoy immediate, deep savings at the point of sale.

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Receive surprise airdrops

Airdrops are tailored to individual audience interests, driving excitement and loyalty through triggered incentives, rewards and bonuses that reflect their preferences.

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Share with friends

Turn any existing loyalty program into a powerful acquisition and referral program. Through shareable rewards, every incentive is capable of being sent to friends and family, generating a new engagement opportunity.

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Fueling engagement innovation

Explore Kigo's complementary products and reimagined loyalty technologies.

Rewards Experience

Deliver more impactful incentives to more people in more inspiring ways—reimagining reward delivery and unlocking an exciting new redemption category.


Unlock a new direct channel to reward your audience, enable extraordinary redemption experiences—and gain valuable insights to inform personalization.