Closing Your Account

If you’re thinking about closing your account, especially if you have digital assets in your Kigo account, it’s essential to ensure their safe transfer before the account closure. We’re sad to see you go, but are committed to making this process as seamless and secure as possible.

To close your account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Reach out to Kigo support
    • Initiate the account closure process by reaching out to Kigo’s support team. This can be done by submitting a new support request or by emailing us at
      • Subject: Account Closure Request
      • Body: Provide your full name, the email associated with your Kigo account, and any other account details relevant for the account closure
  2. Support team assistance
    • After receiving your request, our support team will guide you through the account closure and, if applicable, the digital asset transfer process.
    • If your account holds no digital assets, or if you opt against transferring them, the team will confirm your account closure request and proceed to close it.
  3. Transferring digital assets (if applicable):
    • Provide a public wallet address: Kigo support will ask you to offer a valid public wallet address on the same blockchain where your digital assets are registered. While Metamask or Coinbase wallets are recommended, any public wallet on the compatible blockchain should suffice.
    • Address verification: Kigo will then confirm this address and validate that it’s under your control to ensure a secure transfer
    • Transfer execution: Kigo will transfer the digital assets from your Kigo wallet to the designated public address
      Confirmation of transfer: Once the transfer is complete, Kigo will verify with you about its successful receipt. Following this confirmation, your Kigo account will be closed

For any questions or further assistance, Kigo’s support team is always ready to help!