Merchandising Manager

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The Merchandising Manager leads strategy, sourcing, pricing, merchandising and management of Kigo’s world-class selection of Digital Rewards and Offers (including NFTs) and will play a pivotal role in partner and consumer adoption of our platform. The Merchandising Manager is responsible for curating and managing the digital rewards and offers assortment in our catalog to meet customer demands and drive profitability. This role involves selecting and negotiating with creators and suppliers, optimizing inventory levels, setting pricing strategies, and ensuring the visual presentation of our digital asset catalog is engaging and user-friendly. The Merchandising Manager continually analyzes market trends, uses data insights, and adapts the digital asset mix to maintain our appeal, relevance and competitive edge. Success in this role requires a keen eye for digital asset selection, a knack for negotiation, strong analytical abilities, and a commitment to delivering superior loyalty and redemption experiences to customers while maximizing financial performance.